Raspberry white chocolate blondies made with browned butter and black pepper thrown in because why the fuck not.

My level of content is through the roof right now; being home is such a fucking haven of comfort and amazing things, like clean towels that actually absorb water droplets and dry you off, clean clothes (although my sheets probably haven’t been changed since I was here two months ago…), an abundance of food (ok, usually not because my family, like myself, does not each much but my parents took a trip to CostCo yesterday before picking me up…), a clean kitchen that I can’t wait to mess up, and a room with a door and a bed that is higher than a foot off the ground.

ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh so niceeeee

Also, the first spritz of Diptyque Oyedo and winter is officially behind me even if the weather refuses to cooperate. I’m ignoring it.

Spring break in Cancun? No fucking thank you.

I would give up all this digital camera, email, smart phone, internet, GPS bullshit and go back to the way things were before in a heartbeat.

You know the moment the computer became a part of my daily life still seems such a clear dividing point in my memory.

I’ve got such strange thoughts and sometimes no thoughts at all running through my mind lately…

I kind of have a crush on Shailene Woodley but I’m not sure. I think I’ve only seen her in two movies, one being the Descendents, which I really enjoyed, unexpectedly.

Ok. Over and out.

Also, school starts next week~ I feel like I’m in high school for some reason, with a good routine going on. I like routines.

Sometimes when we’re in PA, we’ll find ourselves with nothing to do so my family and I will revisit the places we used to live. This is the playground behind the first place I remember existing. My mom owned a small drugstore and we lived in the back and upstairs of the building.

The other kids always said this thing had a wasp’s nest hidden inside it so I wouldn’t come closer than like 20 yards to it.

I can’t decide whether to make my posts private or public or if it even really matters.

Anyway, last night a friend invited me to walk shelter dogs with him. I was incredibly heart sick the entire day, which has nothing to do with the opposite sex and everything to do with how overly sensitive I am to loss and human fragility / while I also recognize people are incredibly resilient / or more accurately my own vulnerability? Who knows. I’ve been homesick before, but that has mostly involved uncontrollable, shaking sobs that last about 15 minutes, but yesterday, I didn’t feel like crying, there was just this hurt in my chest that was kind of funny and I knew there was nothing that would make it go away.

Walking the dogs kind of helped. I mean I felt the least lonely with them than with any other humans here. Ugh I’m so weird. But I also felt really sad for them.

Are all people in their 20s this mushy?

In true me-fashion, I just purged the “following” lists of my main tumblr, pinterest, feedly, bloglovin, instagram, WHERE ELSE CAN I CLICK ‘DELETE’ IN SUCCESSION?